International Workshop on Archaeological Soil Micromorphology
Developing International Geoarchaeology (DIG)












Basel, 2 - 6 September 2013

Institute for Prehistory and Archaeological Science
University of Basel


We are happy to welcome you to our International Workshop on Archaeological Soil Micromorphology and to the Developing International Geoarchaeology - Meeting, which this year is organised by the Institute for Prehistory and Archaeological Science, at the University of Basel (Switzerland).

Developing International Geoarchaeology (DIG) is the title of a series of very successful international conferences. The goal of DIG is to bring together a wide variety of international researchers, practitioners and students in this diverse and interdisciplinary field in order to facilitate discussion, stimulate research, and promote international scholarship in geoarchaeology.

The Workshop continues the tradition of practical based "hands on" meetings of the International Working Group on Archaeological Soil Micromorphology. Participants are invited to bring thin sections relating to current research which will be used as starting points for discussion and collaborative problem solving during two days of microscope sessions.

Important deadlines:

Abstract submission: April 30th 2013

Registration for DIG: June 30th 2013

Please note that the places for the International Workshop and the Excursion are fully booked. Thank you for your understanding.

Presentation and poster proposals are invited for the DIG conference. The workshop is a practical orientated session, with the possibility to display posters. If you wish to attend both events, we are happy to receive abstracts for presentations at the DIG which relate to research discussed at the Workshop.

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